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Demolition Company

Delivering Demolition Excellence

Demolition Services Ltd (DSL) was formed in 1980. Since that time we have established an unrivalled reputation for delivering a safe, trusted and quality assured range of specialist enabling services. This covers asbestos management & removal, demolition, remediation and brownfield land industry across the United Kingdom.

Company History

Demolition Services Ltd was established by Joseph Romani almost 35 years ago and started out as the major supply chain partner to Ogdens Demolition, the then premier demolition contractor in the UK, successfully carrying out the majority of their asbestos removal, demolition, decommissioning and remediation projects across the UK and beyond.

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Management Structure & People 

A company is only ever as good as the people leading it and delivering its services. We are proud of what we have achieved to date and want to ensure we continue in the same vein for years to come. All the people in this section have helped make Demolition Services Ltd what it is today – an experienced, reliable and trustworthy company that clients can rely on.

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Vision & Values

Our vision and values are vital in securing and maintaining trust and creating a respected, sustainable, profitable company with strong business relationships.

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Our Approach to Health, Safety & the Environment 

We value your reputation as well as our own. The safe and sustainable delivery of our operations is one of Demolition Services Ltd’s core principles. My personal commitment is to ensure every one of our employees returns home safely at the end of every working day.

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