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Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

All Employees are entitled to be treated with dignity at work.

We are committed to the development of positive policies to promote equal opportunity in employment regardless of a worker’s sex, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, colour, race, ethnic origins or disability. This principal will apply in respect of all conditions of work including pay, hours or work, holiday entitlement, overtime and shift work, work allocation, guaranteed earnings, sick pay, pensions, recruitment, training promotion and redundancy.

The management undertake to draw opportunities for training and promotion to the attention of all eligible employees, and to inform all employees of this agreement on equal opportunity. The parties agree that they will revise from time to time, through their joint machinery the operation of equal opportunities policy. If any employee considers that he or she is suffering from unequal treatment on the grounds of the aforementioned then he or she may make a complaint, which will be dealt with through the agreed procedures for dealing with grievances.

DSL are an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Download our Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

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