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Demolition Services Ltd is committed to delivering the highest level of service to our Clients and we believe part of this is achieved through investment in training at all levels within the company.

We recognise our people as our greatest asset and to this end we continually invest in our company specialist training and development program. This ensures that all our staff are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, expertise and experience which are required from the demanding industries we serve and the diverse services we offer.

Competency training is provided and monitored at all levels covering all aspects of the specific skills sectors.

This essential instruction is implemented through various Government approved external associations including: CITB, NDTG, ARCA and other specialist industry training providers to ensure compliance with all industry standards.

Various types of specific training courses are covered including: Induction, visitor, refresher, task-based and on-site toolbox training.

Our program is constantly reviewed to ensure that all training demands are met and to accommodate any changes within the industry.

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