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Our Approach to Health, Safety & the Environment

“We value your reputation as well as our own. The safe and sustainable delivery of our operations is one of Demolition Services Ltd’s core principles. My personal commitment is to ensure every one of our employees returns home safely at the end of every working day”.

Jenna Romani, Chairman

Demolition Services Ltd manages its health, safety, environmental and quality assurance obligations through developed management systems which achieve a compliance level in excess of the minimum legislative requirements which govern the business.

 Management Systems

Demolition Service Ltd’s management systems are independently audited and accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. These systems together with our qualified, experienced and motivated people have enabled Demolition Services Ltd to achieve exemplary safety, health and environmental performance. Our people are the most important part in the success of our safety programme and our customers value our approach.

We maintain compliance with the OHSAS 18001 standard in order to effectively manage our commitment to Health & Safety and to promote a culture of best practice within our company. As active members of organisation such as CHAS, SafeContractor, RoSPA and the British Safety Council, Demolition Services Ltd operates in strict accordance with all current legislation and codes of practice.

We are members of the industry wide Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and SMAS Worksafe Contractor Scheme which means our procedures have been independently tested and approved for your peace of mind – and saves you time and money on other Health and Safety pre-qualification processes.

 Health and Safety

We strive to ensure that health and safety risks are minimised in all our operations, to enlist the active support of all staff to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to maintain and continually develop a positive health and safety culture throughout our organisation.

Providing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees is of paramount importance. We relentlessly pursue excellence and are committed to continuous improvement. This approach is reflected in our values and is cascaded throughout our business through our HSE Policies, Management Systems and regular two way communication processes. These well proven management systems are monitored, reviewed and audited internally and externally on an annual basis by industry specialists representing the professional bodies we belong to and via our trade association memberships.

The management of the company has nurtured a culture committed to the prevention of injuries and ill health amongst our employees, sub-contractors and others affected by our work activities. Essential to this policy is the continued identification and management of risk. Assessments are made and acted upon at every stage of the business process, from marketing and tendering to production and commissioning.

People are our key resource. Accordingly we support all initiatives which make their work environment a safer place. And in the pursuance of our work, we take the utmost care to employ best practice in terms of equipment and materials in the protection of the site, surrounding location and the wider environment in which we operate.

We are proud to say we have had no reportable accidents for the last 5 years and an Accident Frequency Ration of ZERO for the last 5 years.

 The Environment

We recognise the importance of protecting and maintaining the Environment in which we work and live. Demolition Services Ltd is committed to providing appropriate investment and resources to prevent or minimise our impact on the environment from all our activities. We are committed to these actions via our innovative, sustainable policies.

We are committed and accredited to the BS EN ISO 14001 standard to effectively manage our commitment to the environment and promote a culture of best practice within our company.

Our commitment to the environment is stronger than ever, which means we are armed with the knowledge to ensure your project falls comfortably within the permissions, rules and regulations of constantly-changing legislation. We are extremely proud to play a key role in the regeneration of towns, cities and communities across the UK.

Our innovative, on-site treatment methods and techniques mean even less goes into landfill – we currently enable the re-use of as much of the waste material we encounter on site. We use our forward thinking blend of know-how and experience to reduce your carbon footprint wherever possible.

Our approach means not only do we not repeat processes unnecessarily, we actually remove processes through early contractor involvement and regulatory agreements, thus reducing the energy required on your site.

Regular environmental audits and monitoring ensure the impact of on-site activities are kept to a minimum, reducing both noise and dust pollution.

We promote the use of sustainable or recycled sources for materials and encourage responsible and efficient use of resources and we maximise waste reduction by promoting recycling and re-use placing particular emphasis on fuel, energy and all arising demolition materials.

We are never complacent. We are always willing to learn and develop and seek out continuous improvement in this critical area for Demolition Services Ltd, its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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