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Vision & Values

“Our vision and values are vital in securing and maintaining trust and creating a respected, sustainable, profitable company with strong business relationships.”

Jenna Romani, Chairman

Our Vision:

Maintain and develop our position as a leading provider of asbestos management, demolition, decommissioning and remediation services to UK clients and industry. We will provide safe, environmentally sound and competitive solutions for our customers.

Our Values:

• We are honest with ourselves and others, being realistic about what we can achieve and be open with what we cannot.

• We show respect for others’ needs and achievements, recognise the contribution of all and expect to earn respect for our achievements.

• We expect the commitment of our people, suppliers and partners to meet the needs of customers and our company.

• We are loyal to our customers, people, partners and suppliers and place a high value on developing and maintaining excellent working relationships.

• We are professional in our approach to the work we undertake, striving for excellence and innovation as well as having a pragmatic attitude to delivery.

Our Promises to You:

• Director level input on every project: No matter how small or large your development, you will continually enjoy the benefits of our trusted know-how and capable advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• To finish on time, every time, and on budget: We know that if we let you down, not only will you be losing money by the day, but you will also be having to stall frustrated construction teams who are itching to get the new build moving. We promise not to leave you high and dry with excuses, or leave you out of pocket.

• To secure you the best possible land deals: Even with limited time and information, our high-value, strictly confidential ‘trusted know-how’ takes the nerve-racking uncertainty out of land acquisition and site abnormalities. It is not unusual for our proposed methodology to win over planners at the very beginning and win you the deal.

• Real value for money: We may not always quote the lowest price, but our joined-up thinking and detailed site evaluations will potentially save you thousands off your budget and shave weeks of valuable time from your programme. Our pioneering materials movement and site waste management know-how regularly leaves the competition trailing. Enquire about out FREE site evaluation service.

• Honest, open book prices: We are in it for the long haul to build lasting relationships and we work hard to prevent any unwelcome surprises half way through a project. Compare prices quickly and easily with our competitors, and also our below the line value added solutions.

• Genuine choice: Our FREE early on-site appraisal will provide different approaches to your site’s preparation, each with a different focus, depending on your objectives – Price-sensitivity, Time awareness or quality-centred.

• Our structured, cannot-fail approach: While no two jobs will ever be the same, they all benefit from an organised, logical way of working. Our proven, quality assurances system leaves no stone unturned, meaning you will not have to track our every move.

• To add value to your own business: By smoothing out problems and foreseeing worries before they happen, we will help you forge positive relationships with regulatory authorities and any members of the public affected by your project.

• To maintain Government-assured and other recognised quality standards: We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation, resulting in further peace of mind for you. In addition, we also have membership and accreditation of many other organisations.

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