Case Study – ADM Milling Ltd

Case Study – ADM Milling Ltd



Client: ADM Milling Ltd
Location: Spiller’s Tyne Mill, Newcastle
Duration: 32 weeks
Project Value: £1.2m


• Principal Contractor role

• Demolition and site clearance of former 40m high flour milling building built in 1938

• Demolition of 96 individual grain silos, capable of holding 40,000 Tonnes of grain

• Significant environmental monitoring due to proximity to River Tyne

• Security clearance required as working adjacent to Royal Marines facility

• Extensive removal of asbestos including AIB, asbestos sprayed limpet, vessel lagging and asbestos lagged pipe work

• Dismantling of milling plant and equipment

• Recycling of demolition waste

• High reach demolition techniques employed

• Removal of slabs, foundations and basements across site

• Removal of pile caps

• Crushing, screening and stockpiling of 15,000 tonnes of demolition arisings for re-use

• Preparation of development platform


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