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Contaminated Land Remediation

Preparing land for development is what Demolition Services Ltd specialises in. Our extensive experience and range of remediation techniques combined with our other expertise means we can undertake turnkey remediation contracts in the most cost-effective way possible.

For Demolition Services Ltd, a remediation project is not just about cleaning the contaminated land and water through a variety of hi-tech procedures or the extraction of contaminated material for clean-up or landfill. Our goal is to get a site into a healthy condition for development in a way that offers our clients the best value for money whilst at the same time satisfying local regulators through developed relationships and continuous engagement.

We use the latest technology, equipment and geo-environmental solutions best suited to your project. We walk you through step by step from embryonic pre assessment, design, waste management, all necessary licenses, permissions and processes to a final clean, environmentally approved site, prepared for the next stage of construction.

Our unique position of being able to offer industry leading asbestos, demolition and remediation services means we have an ability to design remediation solutions with a greater knowledge of where the contamination came from and how the site may be affected by future development.

Our expertise in land remediation enables us to provide complete project delivery to effectively and safely deal with encountered land conditions in a consistent and cost-effective way. Our knowledge of recycling and reusing excavated materials offers cost returns and assurance that requirements will be met in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Soil and groundwater contamination represent a serious threat to our health and the environment. New legislation, increasing landfill costs and pressure to redevelop brownfield sites make it more important than ever to find solutions to these problems.

Demolition Services Ltd offers a comprehensive range of soil and groundwater remediation systems. These include proven long-term insitu and exsitu technologies along with traditional selective excavation methods. This allows us to tailor the most practical and cost-effective solution for each specific site.

The combination of demolition, dismantling, foundation removal and remediation provides a comprehensive site preparation service under a single contract, with a single warranty and without the traditional sub-contractor interface.

Working with you at an early stage, DSL can help to establish the likely costs, timescales and potential methods for Remediation.

The critical aspect to all Remediation projects is the initial site investigation, subsequent risk assessments and remediation strategy.

Sadly it is common place, particularly on complex sites, for inadequate site investigations to be carried out, which leads to inadequate or over-scoped remediation strategies.

Not only does this involve the client in unnecessary costs, but can lead to disputes with regulators leading to potential significant delays to the project by months and sometimes years.


What Services do we offer?

DSL can offer a range of remediation technologies to suit your project requirement. This can include:
• Ex-situ soils treatment
• Soil stabilisation / solidification
• In-situ groundwater treatment
• Waste pre-treatment for disposal
• Tank decommissioning / liquid disposal
• Concurrent concrete and foundation removal

We aim to help your project avoid the usual pitfalls and deliver best value measured by cost, time, quality and sustainability. We have long standing partnering arrangements with our clients and often provide our input at land acquisition stage at no cost, and also consultancy input on a no win, no fee basis depending on the success of land acquisition and planning.

We can have significant impact at the 3 key stages to any remediation project:

Stage One – Design

We can work with you and your consultants through the site investigation, risk assessment and remediation design stages. With our experience of different consultants and projects together with our ‘trusted know how’, our clients know we will achieve the optimum solution with practical and achievable remedial target values, which regulators are happy to accept.

Stage Two – Regulatory Approval

This is a critical stage which we increasingly find ourselves supporting clients and their consultants with; either following on from stage one or when discussions have broken down with the Regulators.

Stage Three – Implementation

This is the delivery stage where we have to deliver and meet the agreed criteria. We can offer internally and/or with our handpicked partners a variety of innovative physical, chemical and biological remediation technologies for the treatment of a wide range of contaminants.

A further important aspect is that following demolition of above ground structure remediation schemes almost always involve the reclamation of the existing concrete slabs, deep foundations/bases and underground tanks/ services.

It is critical this work is planned and carried out in conjunction with the remediation strategy to avoid cross contamination and potentially worsening the existing contamination. This is also often combined with the re-profiling of the site to ensure correct site levels (minimising off-site disposal) and geo-technical standards are achieved for the follow on development. Permitting stand-alone demolition removes these opportunities.

We are able to offer our clients design, construct and all risk contracting.

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