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Decommissioning & Decontamination

A precursor to the majority of dismantling and demolition projects is the requirement for decontamination and plant cleaning.

Prior to commencement of all projects, structures, plant and equipment must be certified as being clean and free of any materials, product or residues that could affect the Health, Safety or Environment of operatives, sub-contractors or others that could be affected by the operation. We are able to undertake the decontamination and cleaning of all types of plant, structures and equipment, internally and externally to ensure full compliance with statutory regulation.

With a proven track record of decommissioning a broad spectrum of redundant plants for major blue-chip organisations, including power stations and chemical plants, we offer a fully-integrated total ‘closure management’ solution for the removal and disposal of hazardous chemicals and contaminated materials in a safe, environmentally friendly way. From individual vessel decontamination to that of entire plants, our highly trained expert teams draw on tried and tested solutions.


Demolition Services Ltd have wide expertise and experience in handling all types of decontamination projects and our capabilities include decontamination down to a non-detectable level in line with the requirements of sterile areas and clean room conditions, as well those requiring all traces of contamination to be removed such that areas and equipment may be considered safe for the general public or re-use.

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