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Gained from over 30 years experience in the industry, Demolition Services Ltd’s expert teams continue to implement leading, innovative technologies and processes and utilise industry advanced equipment in order to safeguard our leading reputation within the demolition industry. Utilising the safest and most environmentally responsible techniques available, we work within challenging environments to undertake conventional, floor by floor, long/high reach excavator, robotic and controlled explosive demolition.

Each and every demolition project is unique – however the underlying processes, management and planning issues are essentially the same. Demolition Services Ltd has the broad-ranging experience to design and implement specific plans to undertake projects of varying complexity, on any scale.

Our strict controls, working methods, highly skilled workforce and modern equipment enable us to demolish safely and efficiently, preserving as much recyclable material as possible. Our significant track record has been gained through many years experience working on a broad range of facilities and locations such as power stations, chemical production facilities and city centre regeneration projects.


Our exemplary safety record is a result of continual improvement in monitoring and management processes allowing us to operate on major, high-risk projects.

Demolition Services Ltd own and operate an extensive, modern fleet of plant, ranging from a 45 meter High Reach to tracked concrete crushing plant, and utilising our low loader transport can place these on any site across the UK. Arisings are typically crushed and reutilised on site in order to maximise the amount of reclaimed material and practise robust environmental practices through waste minimisation.

We are experienced and expert demolition engineers.

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