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Controlled Explosive Demolition

Controlled Explosive Demolition

Demolition Services Ltd has extensive experience in the use of controlled explosives for the demolition of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Structures, ranging from reinforced concrete to heavy structural steelwork.

The planning and physical preparation of the structure to be ‘blown down’ will take many weeks as extreme care must be taken in all aspects. However, once fired, even the largest of structures can be demolished in seconds.

To achieve a satisfactory and safe end result to the explosive demolition of a structure the following procedures will be developed at the very start of the project. This will then be implemented and managed by an experienced team within DSL in liaison with our Explosive, Structural and Environmental Monitoring Engineers.

These procedures include:

• Structural survey of the building to determine the collapse mechanism, fall direction, pre weakening requirements, explosive locations and drilling patterns, blast shielding and final collapse requirements.
• Hazardous materials identification and removals.
• Services investigations and removals/diversions in liaison with the relevant utility.
• Pre-weakening of the structure in accordance with the provided calculations.
• Test blasts to determine the correct explosive weights.
• Blast area preparations and installations of blast shielding (protection)
• Determining the required exclusion zone for the demolition, identifying property and persons who will be affected.
• Who will need to be evacuated on the day and their security requirements.
• Exclusion zone implementation and security management on the day.
• Establishment of all community liaison procedures.
• Means of continuous liaison with the client, local authority, emergency services and utilities monitoring requirements.
• Identifying and implementing all environmental monitoring requirements.
• Client, press and public viewing area management.
• Safety management procedures on the day of the demolition.
• Post demolition survey of demolition area and adjacent properties.
• Post demolition meeting with client, local authority and other relevant parties.

All these procedures will be recorded in the appropriate survey, risk assessments and method statements.

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