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Industrial Dismantling & Deplanting

Demolition Services Ltd has significant experience in dismantling a variety of mechanical, process and chemical plant installations. Our experience includes the selective dismantling of plant and structures within and adjacent to live operational facilities. Detailed planning and coordination with our clients’ operational procedures ensures that we complete your project with minimum effect on production processes.

By utilising a combination of various dismantling techniques, our highly-trained workforce can recover your assets, from a single machine to an entire processing plant. Our extensive fleet of specialist equipment and plant and skilled and highly trained staff can perform any type of dismantling operation within high risk environments, employing innovative techniques.

We have the capabilities and expertise to deal with the most exacting environmental and hygienic standards of working and are acutely aware of the need to investigate, analyse and plan every aspect of the dismantling and decommissioning process.


We work in close liaison with chemical, occupational hygiene and waste disposal consultants to carefully plan every facet of the works.

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