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Company Policies

Demolition Services has developed and implemented a number of policy statements that communicate our intent to our people, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. These support our work as specialists in asbestos management & removal, demolition and land remediation in our chosen markets of Industrial, Chemical and Regeneration.

Health & Safety

We regard the occupational health and safety of all employees, sub-contractors and all members of the public affected by our operations as being of paramount importance to our company.

We strive to ensure that health and safety risks are minimised in all our operations, to enlist the active support of all staff to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to maintain and continually develop a positive health and safety culture throughout our organisation.

We maintain compliance with the OHSAS 18001 standard in order to effectively manage our commitment to Health & Safety and to promote a culture of best practice within our company.

As active members of organisations such as CHAS, SafeContractor and the British Safety Council, Demolition Services operates in strict accordance with all current legislation and codes of practice.



As a means of ensuring that all aspects and impacts from our activities conform to all relevant environmental legislation, Demolition Services has developed and implemented a highly effective environmental management system which has been accredited to BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

We recognise the importance of protecting and maintaining the Environment in which we work and live. Demolition Services is committed to providing appropriate investment and resource to prevent or minimise our impact on the environment from all our activities.

We promote the use of sustainable or recycled sources for materials and encourage responsible and efficient use of resources.

We maximise waste reduction by promoting recycling and re-use placing particular emphasis on fuel, energy and all arising demolition materials.

We are committed to the BS EN ISO 14001 standard to effectively manage our commitment to the environment and promote a culture of best practice within our company.



We believe passionately that Quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of our clients and our Quality Assurance Management systems assist in achieving this which has been accredited to BS EN ISO 9001.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing a quality assured service which conforms to our BS EN ISO 9001 approved quality system.

Our quality derives from a staff commitment to service and excellence in all services we provide. Our quality begins and ends with our customers and we always aim to satisfy their exacting needs. We focus our employees on practical processes to ensure consistent results, this is achieved through management review of our integrated management system.  We aim to continually improve our business performance, processes and services.

Through active mentoring and training, we create a culture where our people are empowered to take responsibility for their actions, which contributes to the continued success of the company.


Equal Opportunities

We are committed to the development of positive policies to promote equal opportunity in employment regardless of a worker’s sex, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, colour, race, ethnic origins or disability. This principle will apply in respect of all conditions of work including pay, hours or work, holiday entitlement, overtime and shift work, work allocation, guaranteed earnings, sick pay, pensions, recruitment, training promotion and redundancy.

The management undertake to draw opportunities for training and promotion to the attention of all eligible employees, and to inform all employees of this agreement on equal opportunity. The parties agree that they will revise the operation of the equal opportunities policy regularly. If any employee considers that he or she is suffering from unequal treatment on the grounds of the aforementioned then he or she may make a complaint, which will be dealt with through the agreed procedures for dealing with grievances.




We recognise our people as our greatest asset and to this end we continually invest in our company specialist training and development program. This ensures that all our staff are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, expertise and experience which are required from the demanding industries we serve and the diverse services we offer.

Competency training is provided and monitored at all levels covering all aspects of the specific skills sectors.

This essential instruction is implemented through various Government approved external associations including: CITB, NDTG, ARCA and other specialist industry training providers to ensure compliance with all industry standards.

Various types of specific training courses are covered including: Induction, visitor, refresher, task-based and on-site toolbox training.

Our program is constantly reviewed to ensure that all training demands are met and to accommodate any changes within the industry.



Business Continuity

To assure our current and potential clients that Demolition Services can continue the management of its business in the event of an emergency, our experienced Management Team have developed a clear, systematic approach that allows the Group to respond to potential adverse scenarios in a corporate manner.

The Business Continuity Plan covers all potential adverse impacts affecting the Group and prepares the business with a comprehensive array of strategies and approaches for avoiding, coping or even exploiting them.



Employers Liability Insurance

Scope: Legal liability to provide indemnity cover for death, bodily injury or disease to employees arising out of or during the course of their employment.
Limit: £10,000,000 any one occurrence.
Extension: Indemnity to principals



Public Liability Insurance

Scope: Legal liability to pay compensation for death, bodily injury, illness or disease to Third Parties or damage to Third party property arising out of the work undertaken.
Limit: £10,000,000 any one occurrence and in the aggregate in respect of products.
Extension: Indemnity to principals



Contractors “All Risk” Insurance

Scope: “All Risks” of physical loss or damage to permanent and/or temporary works executed or in the course of execution in performance of contracts, and the materials, equipment and other goods used in connection therewith.
Situation: Anywhere in the United Kingdom
Sum Insured: £1,850,000 any one contract.
Deductibles: £5,000 each and every claim.
Extension: Indemnity to principals







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Demolition Services have been involved in a vast range of projects across the UK. Working on behalf of many private companies and local authorities we have led successful projects across the full range of our services.

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Demolition Services have been involved in a vast range of projects across the Uk. Working on behalf of many private companies and local authorities we have led successful projects across the full range of our services.

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